Bulk Logistics LLC provides services in the sphere of bulk cargo deliveries. The transportation of such cargoes is handled with various modes of transport. As desired by the clients and depending on logistics scheduling the specialists of our company can offer the most efficient schemes of a delivery.

As a rule, the transportation of liquid (bulk) products is carried out by road tankers and tank containers by land. For high costs or any other reasons, making their usage unacceptable, we provide multimodal services that encompass the transportation of cargoes by several modes of transport.

Several options of bulk cargoes multimodal operations can be offered at once. For example, motor vehicle delivery can be combined with the rail one.

Marine transportation is also possible with further delivery on the «door-to-door» basis by using motor vehicles. In the rare instances, when our customers do not have rigid time requirements, but a key importance is given to materials costs, we opt to apply multimodal transportation using the basic marine and cargo terminals of the EU and CIS countries for optimized delivery. Besides provision of logistics services of bulk (liquid) cargoes, we operate in the sphere of consulting, rendering services in the given segment of the transportation market and tank containers rental industry.

Bulk Logistics LLC is the company performing a wide range of activities and along with transportation and expedition services it provides: renting of the equipment (tank-containers), consulting in the area of transportation of dangerous and harmless chemical and food bulk cargoes, support information in choosing  consequent equipment for enterprises operating with any kinds of bulk cargoes.

In our activities we dedicate to apply a rational approach to our partners and customers. The company’s clients can always count on the timely assistance and provision of the information about a real time of international cargo delivery, a situation on borders, and complexities arising when transferring cargoes from terminals and ports. We offer a flexible approach to the terms of delivery which allows partners to be interested and oriented in the long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.

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Smart transport solution is the strategy accepted by the company «Balk Logistics». Errors may often occur at bulk cargoes transportation, especially, on the territory of the former USSR countries. Problems arising therefore involve tough violations of environmental as well as industrial safety requirements in loading (unloading) of bulk products. Taking into account the experience of bulk cargoes delivery in the EU countries, we have developed an innovative approach to the  transportation of such cargoes.

What are the basic principles of the given approach?

The most important one includes a cautious attitude to environmental conditions. The number and the scope of the technogenic catastrophes  have recently been increased.

The concept of the smart transport solution urges to improve environmental conditions at the points of loading (unloading) of bulk products, reduce the costs of cargo delivery, as well as to promote enterprise infrastructure development and information support for the newly created companies.

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Besides the transport infrastructure development the company’s priority includes the preservation of industrial locations, cargoes storages and territories adjoining them from possible pollutions.

Therefore the idea of smart transport solution is our company’s motto. We carry out not only bulk cargoes transportations, but also environmental monitoring nearby manufacturing and industrial locations. Thanks to this multilateral approach we aspire to improve not only environmental conditions of industrial enterprises, but also to contribute with  the increasement in life expectancy of the people working for them.

According to our customers’ will, we provide environmental monitoring by several parameters: waste water analysis for chemical enterprises, study of soils on the territory of an enterprise and in its immediate proximity by the presence of heavy metals.

For workers we offer the elementary analysis of their hair chemical composition aimed at improving their life quality, chronic disease treatment, to increase prolongation of their active life and professional activities and to decrease the risk of diseases related to metabolism disturbances.

Recommendations concerning the improvement of environmental situation and people’s health are provided according to research results. All tests are performed in the certificated laboratory, the long-term partner of «Bulk Logistics» Company, operating on modern research standards basis.

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