We believe that the operation of any harmoniously developed business company is impossible if relying only on own forces and resources. Being absolutely confident in it, we are always open to cooperate with companies operated in transportation industry.

Mainly, we are seeking for partner relations with the firms rendering trucking services in the field of delivery of TEU containers, private or state railway operators as well as cargo terminals and ports operating with TEU containers. We are always interested in the cooperation with insurance and leasing companies, and manufacturers of the transport equipment (tanks-containers, semitrailers, installation equipment for bulk products storage and so on).

For small and medium-sized transportation companies from the CIS and EU countries we have developed a special solution – a contract according to which we shall provide the given enterprises with corresponding equipment and ensure the guaranteed volumes of transported cargoes on a long-term basis.

This contract option stipulates the payment guarantees for services precisely in time. More detailed information about this solution and many other contractual options you can receive in one of our representations (see CONTACT)

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Many of our big clients need timely and accurate bulk products delivery carried out in considerable volumes between the enterprises located abroad. Such deliveries can be made together with railway operators of different countries offering flexible quotation and terms of delivery for those companies, that guarantee cargo volumes and regular shipments. For state and private railway operators from the EU and the CIS countries we can guarantee bulk cargoes volumes on a long-term basis. More detailed information about this solution you can receive in one of our representations (see CONTACT)

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We would like to offer a mutual cooperation to small and medium cargo terminals located in the EU and CIS countries at which our clients (cargo owners and holders of tanks-containers) can be served. The customers thereby will have a possibility to lower service costs and expenses for containers transferring, when terminals may increase goods turnover. Your cooperation proposals can be sent to one of our representations (see CONTACT )

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