An important activity of our company focuses on selling, renting and assisting in tank-containers maintenance.

The given equipment has recently become a widely used transportation unit worldwide. It is also a very good storage capacity for bulk raw materials.

There are existing many options of independently heated tank-containers with measurement equipment for unloaded product, as well as other possibilities of their application.

Our specialists offer assistance in the purchase or long-term rent of the new and already used tank – containers of all types, and if needed their technical examination in the EU and CIS countries if needed.

Considering our company the customers will receive an efficient assistance and information support in finding depots serving tank-containers in the EU countries, the Russian Federation, Belorussia, the Ukraine and many other countries.

You can learn more detailed information in sections:

On contacting us you will receive an exhaustive information about all operations with tank-containers for your enterprise. There are existing many specific products for which a corresponding type of the tank-containers should be selected carefully.

In case of already used tank-containers it is very difficult for a non-specialist to take into account all above mentioned circumstances. As the kinds of products transported earlier in selected tank-container are sometimes unknown there is always a risk to get a unit with the damaged internal cover invisible at first sight, and the corrosion of an internal cover may damage or even destroy the purchased equipment already during the first year of its operation.

We assist in choosing a tank-container, and provide a subsequent support to our clients in preparing cargo for transportation according to the international rules (marks for dangerous cargoes, we also provide the information about the nearest depots for unloadings/loadings and ТC maintenance).

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Very often, when particular when our clients decide to use new international routes for transportations, a question may arise to search for the nearest washing facility to clean tanks-containers or road tankers.

After all, it is not possible to use all washing facilities to clean units in immediate proximity of unloading. The long-time transfer of a dirty unit always affects negatively affects a general profitability of transportation, and frequently results in equipment damage.

Specialists of our company carry out monitoring and annually update the D-base of washing facilities for tanks-containers and road tankers at EU,CIS and North American countries.

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For those customers who have purchased or rented tank-containers by using our services, we provide assistance in the organization of planned trchnical examination and the repairment of tank-containers, both in the EU countries, the Russian Federation, Belorussia and the Ukraine. Thus, in the case when the customer himself cannot send a necessary tank-container for technical examination or maintenance, we can assist in its delivery to a depot.

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We offer rental services for food and chemical tank-containers of any type and ISO standard, as well as Swap Body tank-containers of different capacity and pouring device options, corresponding to the international standards. The renting contracts which we conclude to take into account the best insurance companies proposals.

ON the cooperation basis with companies from the EU and North America we offer to our customers from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belorussia a wide rage of services in this market.

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