Our company performs services in the field of transportation of almost all types of bulk cargoes (with a rare exceptions).

We do not transport nuclear wastes, the bulk products demanding constant heating to high temperature (above +180 0С) and other products demanding special capacity units for their transportation.

The food group of bulk cargoes that we transport by tank trucks and on multimodal basis includes:

1. Vegetable oils;

2. Juice;

3. Cocoa mass in the liquid form;

4. Food fats;

5. Mineral water;

6. Wine material and wines;

7. Sugar industry derivatives;

8. Dairy products.

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The transportation of chemical products requires strict observance of safety rules, taking into account external factors influencing transported cargoes. The main factors contributing to the complexity of chemical bulk products transportation include the discrepancy among the consequent legislation in different countries and difficult conditions for washing  after unloading. Many dangerous chemical bulk cargoes  require the route authorization documents (so-called fixed-route sheets) for the transportation  (consulting)

The group of chemicals, that we transport by motor vehicles and on a multimodal basis, is subdivided in two basic subgroups:

dangerous substances which include

1. Fuel products;

2. Solvents;

3. Acids and so on.;


safe ones including:

1. Engine oils;

2. Latex dispersions;

3. Paraffin;

4. Resins and many others.

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The given type of cargoes is less strictly regulated by the norms of legislation, but still it requires the maintenance of temperature regimes of transported cargoes, in particular within the territory of the Customs Union members, and other former USSR countries. The neutral group of bulk cargoes transported by our Company by tank trucks and on multimodal basis, include:

1. Oil and fat enterprises wastes;

2. Glycerin;

3. Organic fertilizers;

4. Natural resins etc.

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